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Just place an order on the DigiLaundry mobile app. We will do the rest!
We wash, dry and iron your clothes, you just have to ask.
Our Services
Just drop-off your clothes at any of our stores or request for a pick up online. We will do the rest! We
wash, dry and iron your clothes, you just have to ask.


We take good care of your clothes by using mild detergents and seperate wash cycles based on the clothing material.


We have industrial dryers to quickly dry your clothes and ensure quick delivery of your order.


Lazy to iron your clothes? Don't worry we have your back. Get crisply ironed clothes right at your doorstep.
About DigiLaundry

Digi Laundry is a professional laundry service that picks up and delivers your laundry, everything from your socks to dry-cleaning, from the doorstep. It is an effort to standardize the local laundry system, through which we ensure fast and reliable service. We provide affordable laundry service and our fast and easy online ordering, tracking process and our convenient At-The-Door pick-up and delivery options give our customers more time to do the things they love.

The world moves fast, and to keep up with the pace, we often find ourselves running about through our life. In this humdrum of our busy schedules, we often find ourselves lacking the energy to do our daily chores. Be it college students, with their ever incomplete assignments or office going professionals roaming around like zombies, keeping up with deadlines, who has time for menial things like laundry? We wish we could swish and flick our wands and manage to convert our dirty laundry into neatly pressed folded clothes, but alas, we lack that power. What if I told you that somebody is ready to do your laundry for you? Someone is ready to ensure that your clothes are ready just in time for your busy week. No. It’s not your local Dhobi who mostly ends up losing your pants or doesn’t wash the collar of your shirts properly; you don’t have to haggle about the exorbitant prices for your simple clothes. It does seem a bit unbelievable but is most certainly true. We have Digi Laundry to the rescue.

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There is no app out there, that will do your laundry for you. That’s where DigiLaundry app comes in. Now this is what we call the age of convenience. With our cross platform app, your laundry needs are just a tap away. We put a Quality Guarantee on all your items.